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Hormonal Factor in Formation of Acne

When you start to develop acne, people say, your hormones are disturbing. Okay! But what exactly does that mean? How and which hormones contribute to developing acne?

Basically, two hormones, Androgens, and Insulin are responsible for acne. First, we will talk about Androgen hormones. What are they, how do their levels fluctuate, and how do they cause acne?

What are Androgens?

Androgens are the male sex hormones, and the famous androgen is testosterone. It is essential for the development of male characteristic features. Additionally, it plays a vital role in regulating sebum production. If it is a male hormone, you might wonder how it can cause acne in women?

The female body also produces testosterone but in small quantities.  It is essential for mental, physical, and reproductive health. The most important thing to consider is hormone sensitivity. Although a woman’s body produces only a fraction of testosterone, it is more sensitive to its effects. It means only a slight increase in androgens in a female body significantly impacts the skin.

How Testosterone Causes Hormonal Acne?

Hormonal balance is responsible for healthy skin, and imbalance results in breakouts. For example, when your body produces more testosterone than the normal range, it triggers the skin cells to produce excess sebum.

Sebum is the natural oil secreted by the sebaceous glands. It moisturizes your skin and keeps it soft and healthy. When testosterone levels are elevated above average, your body produces more sebum. It starts to clog inside the hair follicles and results in several forms of acne, like whiteheads or blackheads. The more testosterone, the more the sebum will produce. Its effect is so evident on acne-prone skin.

People with acne-prone skin have more squalene in their sebum, a fragile unsaturated fat that converts into squalene peroxide. It is highly comedogenic and inflammatory in nature. Women with acne-prone skin start having pimples during the days just before their menstruation because the production of androgens is at maximum during your period. The progesterone levels are at the lowest responsible for skin hydration and elasticity. The result is your skin becomes more susceptible to acne or breakouts.

How Dihydrotesterone (DHT) Causes Hormonal Acne?

Dihydrotestosterone is another potent androgen associated with hormonal acne. It affects the concentration of elastin protein, responsible for firm and younger skin. DHT is actually a byproduct of testosterone. The enzyme 5-alpha reductase is responsible for the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. It stimulates the production of excess sebum and results in acne breakouts.

The Role of Insulin in Acne Formation

The daily consumption of high glycemic index food like wheat, rice, cereals, sweets, potatoes, and juicy fruits causes an increase in levels of insulin in the plasma. It initiates the hormonal response that causes unregular epithelial growth and increases sebum production.

High glycemic index foods increase free-insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) in blood. The insulin or free insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) gets converted into testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, which ultimately causes more sebum production, thickening of the outermost layer, the proliferation of skin cells and acne breakouts.

The Options for Treating Hormonal Acne

Most people think that the only solution to treat hormonal acne is to take antibiotics. But do you know the antibiotics give temporary relief, and acne-causing bacteria become resistant to the medication?

Acne is a skin problem caused by accumulating dead skin cells and excess sebum. Using skincare products to help you control the condition will save you from skin breakouts. The alpha-hydroxy acids like lactic acid or mandalic acid, beta-hydroxy acids like salicylic acid are great for removing dead skin cells and debris from the depth of pores. They prevent clogging of pores and improve the skin barrier.

Topical Retinoids

Topical application of retinoid-containing products effectively treats mild to moderate acne. It removes dead skin cells from the surface and does not allow them to clog pores. Mild irritation and redness are common with retinol, but it provides long-term benefits. Retinol is available in different concentrations in various skincare products.

Defenskin Rejuvenating Serum

Zahara Day Spa has formulated this skin rejuvenating serum to control acne. It contains Retinol, Alpha-hydroxy acids, and Sea Algae. Retinol clears the skin, stimulates cell turnover, and makes way for new, brighter, and even-toned skin. It increases the production of collagen and elastin protein, fades fine lines and wrinkles. The alpha-hydroxy lactic acid deeply cleanses your pores. Sea algae revitalize and strengthen the skin barrier.


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Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Alpha hydroxy acids are chemical exfoliants. They remove the debris clogged in your hair follicles. It is an excellent way to remove dead skin cells, cosmetics, sebum, and reduce the risk of developing acne in the future. (Shop now)

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The Bottom Line

The hormonal acne is painful. It affects your self-esteem. But do not give up. Avoid taking potent medications to heal hormonal acne. Instead, try anti-acne treatment products by Zahara Day Spa, have patience, improve your lifestyle and diet. You will definitely get fantastic results.