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Chemical Peels Aren’t Harmful for Your Skin!

Are you suffering from skin concerns such as wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne, and uneven skin texture? The answer could possibly be yes. These skin problems are so common these days and we do have a solution to these skin conditions.

Have you ever heard of Chemical Peels before? Some people get afraid of the word chemical and it is a misconception that are all chemicals are harmful to your skin. They actually have incredible benefits that can help clear and rejuvenate your skin. Let’s get to understand what a Chemical Peel is, how it works, and what benefits you obtain from it.

What is a Chemical Peel? 

A Chemical Peel is a solution that is applied to your skin and works as an exfoliant agent. It removes all the dead skin cells from the topmost layer and reveals clear and smooth skin underneath.

Types of Chemical Peels:

There are several kinds of Chemical Peels depending upon the skin concern you want to get treated. They are usually categorized into three main types which are as follows:

1- Light Chemical Peel: 

Mild Chemical agents as Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Beta Hydroxy Acids, Maleic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and Lactic Acid are used to treat  skin concerns such as fine lines, fine wrinkles, uneven skin texture, acne, dry ands scaly skin. It only removes the topmost layer of your skin which is knows as epidermis. You need to get the treatment every 2- 5 weeks depending upon the severity of your problem.

2- Medium Chemical Peels: 

In a medium Chemical Peel, the most agent Trichloroacetic Acid. Jessner’s solution and Pyruvic Acid are also used for the treatment. It removes the outermost layer of your skin along with the topmost layer of the dermis. The dermis is the layer beneath your epidermis. It treats wrinkles, acne scars, and uneven skin tone. You need to get repeated treatment as well as incorporate an ultimate skin care routine to get to your desired results.

3- Deep Chemical Peels: 

Phenol is the most powerful peeling agent that is used in a deep Chemical Peel. It removes your epidermis along with the upper and and middle layer of your dermis. It is used to treat severe skin concerns like tough wrinkles, deep acne scars, and persistent hyperpigmentation. Results of deep chemical peels are dramatic and long-lasting. But it has some side effects. Redness can last for few days. Crust or scabs will start to form on the treated skin. A patient can develop sensitivity to sunlight, therefore it is highly recommended to avoid sun exposure for 10 days after your deep Chemical Peel.

The Procedure: 

The treatment is done by professionals only. The treatment requires the deep cleansing of your skin before applying the Chemical Peel solution. After making your skin clear, professional skin expert will apply the Chemical Peel treatment to treat your skin concern. The treatment will create controlled wounds and those wounds will let the new skin take place in the damaged areas.

You might feel a burning sensation during the application that will last for few minutes. Post Peel treatments / creams are usually provided by your skin expert.

Potential Benefits: 

There is a peel for your skin problems. Below are the potential benefits of Chemical Peels:

Treatment of Acne: 

Acne is a common skin concern for people with oily and combination skin. Big pimples appear when your pores get clogged with dirt, oil, and old skin cells. If your skin is repeatedly affected by the same conditions, you have acne. Acne is treated by Mild Chemical Peel Treatment which includes Salicylic Acid. It is a Beta Hydroxy Acid with lipophilic and comedolytic properties. In easier language, you can say that it attracts excess oil and clears the pores from the depth. It penetrates deeper into your pores, dissolves your blackheads, and reduces inflammation. Pyruvic Acid is used in medial chemical peel for the treatment of cystic acne. It clears the scars and encourages the production of collagen which results in firm, healthy, and glowing skin.

Treatment of Fine lines and Wrinkles

There are several causes of fine and wrinkles including the natural aging process, exposure to ultraviolet radiation of the sun, poor diet, and unhealthy lifestyle.
A mild chemical peel is given for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles. Chemicals that are commonly used for wrinkles are glycolic acid and retinoic acid.
Glycolic acid is incredible for the treatment of superficial wrinkles and fine lines. It penetrates deeper into your skin and provides a smooth texture.
Retinoic acid is derived from Vitamin A, which is the skin’s best friend. It has small molecules that penetrate deeper layers of your skin and boost collagen production. The results will be healthy, plump, and youthful skin.
Trichloroacetic acid is used in medium skin peels to remove the tough wrinkles. It boosts the production of collagen and elastin.


Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition that occurs in small patches or covers large areas. The excess production of melanin is the main reason for hyperpigmentation. Certain medication and sun exposure boosts the production of melanin and causes your skin to appear darker.
Light chemical peel with phytic acid is effective for the treatment of hyperpigmentation and age spots. Phytic acid has skin lightening properties and it inhibits the production of melanin. It is good for sensitive skin people as well and it doesn’t cause any skin irritation or rash.
Mandelic acid is also used in a light chemical peel. It penetrates slowly without irritating your skin. It treats sun damage and fine lines.
Flower acid peel is very effective for the treatment of hyperpigmentation. It is a blend of azelaic acid and L-mandelic acid which have excellent healing properties. It provides some extra support to acne-prone and pigmented skin. It increases cell production and replaces old and damaged cells with new and healthy ones.

Scarring and Skin Texture:

When pimples keep on popping to your skin, they leave scars. Dry and rough skin destroys the texture of your skin.
Light chemical peel with lactic acid deeply hydrates your skin. It provides strength to your natural skin barrier and prevents water loss.
Jessner’s solution is used in the medium peel to treat the tough scars. The solution is anti-bacterial and controls the reappearance of pimples. It even out the skin tone and provide moisturization.

The Bottom Line:

The chemical peel treatment is nothing to be afraid of. It is the solution to your major skin concerns. What else you could wish for? Give it a try and see wonders!


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