Najat Hafdi

Skin Care Expert

About Najat

With more than 30 years of expertise and experience in skin care in Morocco, France, and, the U.S, Najat, founder of Zahara has created an exceptional approach to wellness based on the foundations of healing energy, green chemistry, and visible results.

Najat specializes in treating problematic and mature skin, which allows clients to regain smooth, clean, and radiant skin – even without make-up. Her treatments are established on clear combination of science with nature. Because each person’s skin revolves during the day, through the seasons and as their emotions change, the core of Najat’s method is the concept of ensuring customizable skin care that matches the best science has to offer to promote overall wellness and deliver results for clients.

Deeply committed to making a difference in the skin care and wellness industry, Najat founded a high-performant skin care line made to the most demanding formulation standards. The exclusive products assortment reflects Najat’s inherited ancient wisdom with the latest innovation in skincare.

Her customer-focused mentality has led Najat to create a vision that empowers women to think differently about their beauty and achieve their deepest desires: harmony with nature, elevated consciousness, heightened sense of self, and an ability to live life present and fully engaged in the moment.