Founder of Zahara Day Spa
Skin Care Expert
Skin Care Formulator

Najat Hafdi

In the warm air, amongst the oceans and valleys of the Atlas Mountain countryside, Zahara The Organic Botanical Science Skin Care was brought to life.
Najat Hafdi, the founder of Zahara Organic Botanical Science Skin Care, is a skincare expert with an extensive thirty years of experience working with multiple prestigious French cosmetic companies and the world-renowned Clinique Skin Care. Najat’s love for skincare began as a little girl growing up in Casablanca, Morocco. It was there where she observed the powerful healing of skincare remedies that her beloved mother, Zahara, created using fresh forest herbs and flowers.

After helping thousands of women and men heal from chronic skin conditions such as cystic acne and premature aging, Najat realized the need for a collection of natural skincare treatments addressing the underlying imbalances at the root of all skin problems. Beginning with her mother’s healing remedies, Najat decided to combine her expertise in botanical science with a skincare chemist to formulate the Zahara Organic Pharmaceutical SkinCare Collection.

The Zahara Organic Pharmaceutical Skincare Collection includes face cleansers, toners, masks, and targeted cream treatments which all work synergistically to heal the skin without causing damage. Using only superior quality certified-organic ingredients with no harmful chemicals. The Zahara Organic Pharmaceutical SkinCare Collection nourishes and restores problematic skin to a clear and beautiful state.
In Najat’s words; “My philosophy is to heal, respect, and nurture your skin so you feel empowered and strengthened. You, in return, will confidently empower and strengthen others. We truly need each other’s love, compassion, and help. I love you all.