Deeply rooted in Moroccan tradition, Zahara Day Spa specializes in nourishing the skin, the body, and the mind. Passed down from mother to daughter over generations, our practice blends ancient healing wisdom with innovative science in order to deliver care, healing and health to our clients.

Our practice revolves around the values of our founding teacher and her daughter, Najat Hafdi. We treat each client as a unique individual with their own set of concerns & challenges and develop a custom approach to enhancing wellbeing and maintaining healthy, glowing skin once goals are achieved.

Zahara’s products assortment reflects the roots of our heritage. Exclusive formulas capture the energy and spirit of Zahara’s beliefs by collecting and skillfully crafting rich, exotic herbs, algae and flowers into the purest skin care products. To preserve freshness, we run production in frequent small batches then hand-fill and package them specifically for each skin type.


At Zahara Day Spa, we believe:

  • Beauty and health are natural rights, not luxuries.  These are our main sources of power & well-being.
  • We must be generous in spirit.  In Morocco, Zahara taught women to feel empowered in all aspects of her life.  We celebrate her spirit and practices by serving our clients as holistic caregivers.
  • The Earth contains necessary elements to heal and cure diseases, including those related to the skin. We respect and honor our planet by using its gifts responsibly and only collaborating with partners that stand for sustainable practices.
  • Scientific advancement is a critical partner in creating holistic and effective skincare products.  We constantly study new research and develop new exclusive Zahara products that deliver results without harmful additives.