• The Moroccan Cleansing Hydrating Ceremony¬†

60Min: $160 // 90Min: $200

This nurturing journey uses detoxifying and hydrating ingredients to leave the body wonderfully uplifted. Circulation is stimulated through full body exfoliation using authentic Moroccan Loofah, to help the body eliminate toxins. It is followed with an exotic Moroccan cremes and oils to deeply hydrate and tone the skin, and also revitalize the mind. This is a beautiful and ideal treatment to address stress, fatigue and fluid retention including Head, Neck and Shoulders Massage.

  • Ear Candling

45Min: $60

Century old practice that gives the body the ability to heal itself used to relieve pressure and inner ear blockage. The burning candle draws wax and impurities from the ear and the warmth of the candle and stimulation of the pressure point on the face and scalp make it a very relaxing experience.